Cosplay Love Cosplay Music Video ❤️ MCM, Japan Expo, AnimeCon, NYCC, Miraculous Ladybug, MHA + more

Cosplay Love Cosplay Music Video ❤️ MCM, Japan Expo, AnimeCon, NYCC, Miraculous Ladybug, MHA + more

Happy Valentine’s from all of us at the 86th Floor Cosplay, we wanted to take some time to celebrate our love for many of the cosplayers we’ve shot and shipped! From LadyNoir to HiccStrid to Togadeku this video features cosplayers from conventions around the world and our dedicated videos!


Thank you to every single cosplayer featured in this video, the love and passion you demonstrate make our work possible and we love you all! If you’re in the video please comment below as we’d love to hear from everyone involved in these projects. If you really enjoyed the video please consider sharing on social media as it really helps us! ❤️

★ Thumbnail feat:
Genficosplay and Umbra.Cos as Hiccup and Astrid

Luminara and RascalRabbit as Ladybug and Chat Noir

Bananapandargh and Culonifors as Zenitsu and Nezuko

Find the full list of featured cosplayers with the link below, but if we missed you, drop us a line!:

♪ Production music courtesy of Epidemic Sound
Song 1 – Love Out Loud by Gamma Skies feat. Christine Smith
Song 2 – I Follow Your Heartbeat by Tellow feat. Klara Larsson
Song 3 – Feels So New by Shibuya Sunrise
Song 4 – Gamma Skies feat. Mia Niles

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