FATbit: how to cheat your fitness tracker

FATbit: how to cheat your fitness tracker

“FATbit – How to cheat your Fitnesstracker” is a workshop which premiered on the 12.&13.08.2016 @Sommer der Dilettanten, lAB Artists Unlimited, Bielefeld

Fitnesstracker, these small, nearly invasive technological accessories measure your physical activity and fitness. They allow you to optimize your body in a playful way, while counting your steps, your puls, your quality of sleep, your burned calories and many more personal body-related data. Soon it will be standardized that your fitnesstracker will send the collected data to your health insurance, in order to calculate your payment of contribution linked to your individual fitness.

What is the antipode of self optimization and how can we escape these ubiquitous economical bodypolitic? Is it possible to walk minus 2000 steps? How can we earn points while doing nothing? How to have a beer without the cognizance of your fitbit?

In the FATbit Workshop we convert these little selfoptimization machines at our wrists in really cool anti-optimization-extensions! The fitnesstracker is hacking our body, we’re hacking it back!

A FATbit is not a self optimizing tool!
A FATbit is not working in the logic of competition.
A FATbit is an antipode for a self optimized body conciousness.
A FATbit has always style.
A FATbit is hard to imagine.

Participants: Anna Jehle, Aram Bartholl, Kaan Kanbur, Lucie Marsmann, Sarah Fyrguth & Sarah Kindermann

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