Fitness Watches Stylish & Your Perfect Workout Tracker With Heartbeat Calorie Monitoring

Fitness Watches Stylish & Your Perfect Workout Tracker With Heartbeat Calorie Monitoring

Fitness Watches-Stylish & Your Perfect Workout Tracker With Heartbeat Calorie Monitoring

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Since now we know have many brand & different Fitness Watches in the market, but are you tired of their design or there are some functions lack which do not meet your need? If so, we are here.

We have tested many fitness tracker watches and do many sports (walking, running, ridding,climbing,swimming etc) to record the activity dates. Finally, we design and make some watches, and this is one of us.

You must want to ask how different for this? Let’s find it out.

Heart Rate and Blood Pressure Monitor
You must know how important for us about the Heart Rate and Blood Pressure. But traditional blood pressure meter not easy to carry or can’t track your HR and BP anytime & Anywhere. And if you wear this tracker watch on wrist, easily touch and just wait for seconds, it will give you result. So cool.

How does fitness tracker watches measure the heart beat on the wrist?
The heart rate monitor is based on a difficult to pronounce technology called photo plethysmography, but it basically comes down to using green LED lights paired with light‑sensitive photodiodes to illuminate your skin and measures changes in light absorption.

This lets the device detect the amount of blood flowing through your wrist at any given moment. Because blood is red, it reflects red light and absorbs green light.

“When your heart beats, the blood flow in your wrist — and the green light absorption — is greater. Between beats, it’s less,”.

Records your Activity Data:
This fitness watches can records your sports data, like steps, Calories,Distance, Time help you do Safe and effective training. Scientists have found that when we are training, keep our heart rate with 60-70% of the maximum heart rate, which is the biggest increase in the efficiency of burning fat. Help you lost weight in good way.

What’s the maximum heart rate for our health people?

Formula is: 220- your age.

Example: 18 years old health people, max HR: 220-18=202.

So if your heart rate between 121~141. Will hope you better burning fat.

Off topic: if you eat too much & un-health foods after training or daily time, your weight might be not losing. Choosing health foods. Less oil, Salt and sugar, more protein will help you lots if want to lost fat and built muscle.

GPS Trajectory
Using App (Support Android 4.4+ and Ios 8.0+) we provided and connect GPS with your phone, you can record your sports trajectory.

Use your imagination to draw your favorite shape on the maps to make more fun during training and easier to finish your goal.

Share to facebook,Instagram etc get forward & Comments from your friends & Fans. Push you keep on moving to heather & Beauty life.

Incoming Call Notification:
After bind this watch with your phone via Bluetooth (This need to bind on App, if go to phones Setting-Bluetooth will not working), Turn on “Incoming call Notification’ options. Once you have calls incoming, the watch will vibration to remind you. And also can see caller ID on it. You will see if you want to answer or not. If not, you can touch the button 2-3s to hand up the calls.

Think about it how important for this function.

Facebook, WhatsApp messages Notifications
One your facebook, whatsapp or other Social Media got Notification, the watch will vibration. So you can keep connected with your friends and fans.

Before there is a guy’s phone switch to Mute, and left it on desk. A new client sent lots of messages on WhatsApp to him. But he did not check phone and sure he did not see the messages. And 2 hours after when he saw the message then get back to client again. No response until 2 days later, only One sentence: During that 2 hours you did not reply me, we have found and placed order from other supplier. What’s a pity!

If he has our watch, so this will never be happening, for daily life we got many things to do. We can’t check our phones every minutes. But with this reminder functions, we will never lose any important things we do not want to losing.

Daily Reminder
This watch also gives you daily reminder like Sedentary reminder, drink reminder, Alarm clock, Weather forecast, Find mobile phone, Find bracelet, Finish Goal.

A study by the University of Queensland in Australia showed that sedentary 1 hour hazard is equivalent to pumping 2 cigarettes. Moreover, the World Health Organization further stressed that it is estimated that 70% of the diseases will be caused by sitting for too long in 2020, so sedentary is therefore listed as one of the 10 dead & pathogenic killers, even catching up with the danger of smoking.

Turn on Sedentary Reminder on the App. Setting up time 30 mins or 1 hours to vibration remind you to move your ass from seat, chair or sofa, walk around or do some Stretching movement, keep Blood circulation.

More Powerful feature wait for you find it out.

Come on to get yours.


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