Golf Tech – Samsung Gear S3 and GolfPad GPS Review

Golf Tech – Samsung Gear S3 and GolfPad GPS Review

Last time, we took a look at the Gear S3 utility for the everyday golfer with Golf Navi. Now, we take a look at the Samsung Gear S3 and the GolfPad GPS smartwatch and phone application.

Can the Gear S3 provide a Golf Degenerate a useful golf gadget to get around the course? Let’s take a look at the Gear S3 and GolfPad GPS!

Conclusion: Both apps have their pros and cons. I like the native phone application, as it’s very data driven. Lots of stuff there. The watch app I’m less enthused about. Only in the sense that if I have to be so dependent upon the phone — I don’t see a reason to use the watch as well. I did use the watch strictly as a shot counter — which meant I had to tag my clubs post mortem — but that’s a limited use case. Final verdict — I’ll keep using the phone app primarily, with the watch solely as a range finder!

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