Improve your Butterfly swimming (5 Stages) technique for beginners

Improve your Butterfly swimming (5 Stages) technique for beginners

This is a guide to help you swim butterfly without getting tired. It consists of 5 phases. I’m not saying that you will watch this video and you’ll immediately go to the pool and swim hundreds of yards without breaking a sweat. No no, on this video I will show you a series of progressive exercises that you can do to that if done well and often will help you create muscle memory for a smooth easy butterfly. Along with muscles memory you will develop endurance that is basic for all things swimming.

Now you can do exercises all day long but at the end of the day there is no escaping the real thing. Swimming full butterfly is what will help you the most. If your shoulders are strong, your core is tight and you have good ankle flexibility, now that you have worked on your technique, you are all set to swim a smooth and fast butterfly. Just remember to warm up properly and stretch afterwards.

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