iTouch Sport Smartwatch | Set-Up Instructions

iTouch Sport Smartwatch | Set-Up Instructions

In this video you will learn how to charge the iTouch Sport and how to pair the iTouch Sport to your smartphone.
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How to Charge your iTouch Sport Smartwatch:
STEP ONE: Plug the charger into power source
STEP TWO: Place your smartwatch onto the magnetic charger included. Be sure to align metal charging prongs to the back of the smartwatch. A charging battery icon will appear on the smartwatch when it is charging. Your smartwatch will be fully charged in 2 hours and should last up to 5- 7 days (based on usage).

How to Connect your iTouch Sport Smartwatch:
STEP ONE: Download the iTouch Wearables app on your phone. Your iTouch Sport smartwatch is android and iOS compatible.
STEP TWO: Follow on screen instructions to continue. Allow iTouch Wearables to send you notifications.
STEP THREE: Set up your profile.
STEP FOUR: From the iTouch Wearables dashboard, press ‘Add’ and begin searching for your smartwatch. Make sure bluetooth is enabled on your phone via settings.
STEP FIVE: Tap ‘iTouch Sport’ on the app to begin pairing. Tap ‘pair’ on the app. Allow iTouch Wearables to access your location.
Your iTouch Sport Smartwatch is now connected and is now ready to use!
*Be sure the app is running in the background on your smartphone so the data can sync.
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