iTouch Wearables Slim Fitness Tracker Review

iTouch Wearables Slim Fitness Tracker Review

I tried 3 of iTouch Wearables smartwatches which meant I was able to compare them and see what I preferred. This is the smallest, most discreet and cheapest of the 3, but it doesn’t have all of the functions the Sport and Air SE edition do and the screens on the other 2 models are bigger which I find makes them easier to use. My favorite of the 3 smart watch models I tried is the iTouch Air Special Edition Digital Smartwatch and Pedometer (link to review at the bottom).

I’m new to fitness trackers and sports watches and I didn’t think they’d be for me. I don’t even normally wear a watch but these are more than just step and calorie counters. It’s the phone notifications I find most helpful but I think we’ll all have different functions we use more based on our lifestyles and interests.

-Calorie Tracker
-Connected GPS
-Heart Rate Monitor
-Camera Remote
-Multi-Sports Mode
-Sleep Monitor
-Sedentary reminder

Android and iOS Compatible

SHOP for iTouch Wearables Slim Fitness Tracker. Target $39.99 (they were $75):

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