Kronos Blade GENESIS vs Kospet PRIME (aka AllCall AWATCH GT) Part 1: The Basic Comparison

Kronos Blade GENESIS vs Kospet PRIME (aka AllCall AWATCH GT) Part 1: The Basic Comparison

What do you want to see in Part 2 that wasn’t covered in Part 1
Battery testing? Phone calls? Dunking underwater until they die? Run them over with a car? What? Let me know in the comments and I’ll see what I can do (within reason).
PS. I know there’s some errors in this one, like neither one has an AMOLED screen, etc. I will try and correct those. What else did I get wrong? Thanks for your help!

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The GENESIS smartwatch has been provided by KronosBlade for review. The PRIME smartwatch has been provided by Gearbest, and the AWATCH GT has been provided by Banggood. Many thanks to our viewers for making this YouTube site popular and to KronosBlade, Gearbest, and Banggood for their support. If you are interested in purchasing this GENESIS, PRIME, or AWATCH GT smartwatches, please use the links listed above. It will help us receive more watches to review for you in the future. Thanks!

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You’ve asked for it! Here it is!! The detailed comparison video between the Kronos Blade GENESIS and the Kospet PRIME has arrived. All you wanted to know and more (plus some stuff is still missing, I’m sure) in one video! Hopefully a Part 2 will catch the things missed in this first comparison. If you still want more on individual watches, have a look at our other related videos here:

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