LEMFO E08 IP67 Smart Watch/Fitness Tracker: Unboxing and Full Review

LEMFO E08 IP67 Smart Watch/Fitness Tracker: Unboxing and Full Review

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This watch has been provided by LEMFO for review. Many thanks to our viewers for making this YouTube site popular and to LEMFO for their support. If you are interested in purchasing this E08 smartwatch, please use the link listed above. It will help us receive more watches to review for you in the future. Thanks!

If you want a waterproof tethering fitness device that will show you when you receive a call, notify you about text messages, WhatsApp, WeChat, Facebook, Twitter, and more, PLUS a device that will track your steps, indoor/outdoor exercise routines, and even quality of sleep cycle, then have a look at this thing. It has Alarms, sedentary reminders, and it’s waterproof folks. You can take it swimming. All this for about $40? Yep.

This is an incremental upgrade to the original E07 device and sports the same features plus a heart rate monitor. The watch band has completely been reworked and the device shape has been changed from round to something between round and square.

Want to know more about splash proof, water proof, water resistant, and the IPX Waterproof ratings? Take a look ad this video by Dr Jake:

Link to original E07 Review: k


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