OJOY [New Version] A1 Kids Smart Watch

OJOY [New Version] A1 Kids Smart Watch

Product Name : OJOY [New Version] A1 Kids Smart Watch.
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PERFECT CHILD WATCH – [2020 update: Newer Hardware] OJOY A1 kids smartwatch is the best cell phone alternative for kids. It has 1.4 inches retina display, 2MP camera, 4G LTE, 3G, GSM network support and Wi-Fi, and 800mAh battery. Ideal for kids aged 5 to 10 years old. It is a great solution for both parents and children.

CHILD SAFETY IS A PRIORITY – With the OJOY kids smartwatch, you can give your children freedom while ensuring their safety. It tracks their activity and enables them to reach you with a simple voice call or message.

KIDS GPS TRACKER – The OJOY kids smartwatch is interconnected with the user-friendly android and ios app, which allows you to track your kid’s location, and check location history throught the day. With a simple click, you can locate your child position and be there for them when needed.

BETTER ORGANIZATION – Manage calendar activities, set school and after-school activities with Ojoy watch App, and your child will receive reminders that keeps them on track. In addition to other cool features such as an alarm, stopwatch, step count, and the kids friendly interface.

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