Physical Therapy – Walking after Broken Leg

Physical Therapy – Walking after Broken Leg

Physical Therapy – Walking after a Broken Leg. This is not medical advise. The cast is off, 50% weight on the leg is past and now I am allowed to put 100% weight on the broken leg, well broken ankle and leg really. It has been tough going, but lately every day sees improvements. Walking is now possible, for short distance, without crutches! This is nice. Not only can I walk a bit, I am also now driving again short distances. Now this is freedom!

Learning to walk again is complicated by the fact that by foot get’s still red and swollen when I stand up. The calf muscles are still quite tight and the toes, foot and ankle need more exercising. The knee on the broken leg is certainly weak and needs to get stronger as well.

This said, it is all progressing nicely. Walking after a broken leg and surgery takes time, 4 months – but I am doing it again, or at least starting! I do start to feel the titanium plate or surgical implant and get some pain at the top of the plate in my leg (shin bone). Not sure if it is the muscle or the bone, but this only happens after heavy taxing of the leg.

My Physical Therapist in South Holland is de Fysiotherapeut Pijnacker-Zuid:

in de Kroon Gezondheidscentrum

iWALK2.0 Hands Free Knee Crutch – Alternative for Crutches and Knee Scooters:

Physical Therapy for a Broken Leg:
“Physical therapy following a leg fracture is important to reduce the incidence of long-term complications. For patients that have significant leg fractures, surgical correction or casting provides treatment but may still result in difficulties with walking or changes in gait long after the fracture has occurred. Early physical therapy, followed by continual rehabilitation is important to reduce the risk of problems with walking, such as unsteady gait, lack of endurance, stiffness and weakness. Some other types of complications that can develop with a lack of physical therapy include muscle atrophy, arthritis in the leg joints, delayed healing and infection.” Source:

Physical Therapy after a Broken Leg –

This is not medical advice. Get proper advise from your physical therapists or doctors, of course!

Physical Therapy – Broken Leg – walking again!