Polar Ignite | Advanced Waterproof Fitness Watch

Polar Ignite | Advanced Waterproof Fitness Watch

Polar Ignite | Advanced Waterproof Fitness Watch

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Polar Ignite Details :
❤ POLAR PRECISION PRIME HEART RATE – Polar redefines the gold standard in optical heart rate accuracy by combining the latest in bio-impedance electrodes and optical sensors. This next generation HR watch will take your training to the next level!
❤ DAILY TRAINING GUIDE – In addition to smart features like the ability to receive texts, phone calls, or email, Polar Ignite comes equipped with the Polar Fit Spark Daily Training Guide to coach you and provide the best workouts for your fitness goals.
❤ NIGHTLY RECHARGE – Exercise can have a positive effect. It can also leave you fatigued and worn down. Polar’s Nightly Recharge measures your recovery during the night so you can make the right decision in the morning.
❤ ADVANCED SLEEP TRACKING – Get the valued insight you need to get a good night’s rest with Polar’s Sleep Plus Stages analysis.
❤ INTEGRATED GPS – As a premium quality GPS watch, Polar Ignite is equipped with speed, distance and route tracking. No phone needed!

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TOP Customer Reviews
I LOVE this watch! It has a sleek design that’s beautiful, comfortable, and easy to wear 24/7. I have really small wrists so I was extremely pleased with the different options in sizing so I wouldn’t have any extra band flapping around (like most fitness watches!)
Everything about this watch is great. The touch screen is extremely responsive and easy to navigate, without prior instruction even. I prefer that it only has one “button” on the outside, this means it doesn’t easily get bumped during activity (problems I’ve had with previous fitness watches) and you have more control via the screen

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