Rode Microphones | The Mysterious Blue Ring 🎤🔮

Rode Microphones | The Mysterious Blue Ring 🎤🔮

Subscribe 👈 Links 👇 What is this blue ring for? Rode microphones come with a squiggly blue rubber ring and hieroglyphics for instructions. If you don’t have the sorcerer’s stone you won’t be able to decrypt the ancient message of the holy BLUE RING OF HOPE!

Luckily, I have cracked the code because I am of course, a wizard.

When you get a Rode mic, like the Rode Procaster, the blue ring is supplied to…..

Make the XLR connection secure. 😐
Yep, that’s it. It just keeps the cable secure in the XLR port to reduce cable or connection noise in case the cable isn’t tight in the port. However, if your cable is already tight and snug, you don’t need to use it. That’s it. Case closed. All hail, THE BLUE RING OF HOPE!

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