Securalert Wearable Panic Button

Securalert Wearable Panic Button

The increasing frequency of workplace violence has highlighted the need for staff safety. The use of wireless panic button technology can help security personnel respond quickly to personal attacks.

Symtech Solutions provides Securalert, a stand-alone wireless panic button system, which allows victims to notify security of the precise location where an emergency incident is taking place.
With the click of a button, the pendant vibrates with positive acknowledgement feedback assuring the victim a call for help has been activated.

Onsite strategically placed display consoles shows the exact location of the victim and the pendant is continuously tracked in real-time to ensure that responders can trace the individual should they be forced to move about the facility.

In addition, instant emergency notifications can be sent out via two-way radios, pocket pagers, text message, email, public address (text to speak sounds like she is saying to distinct words, however it should be pronounced as one) and more.

This information is then logged via Securalert’s built-in reporting system to provide supervisors with a complete and accurate audit trail.

Unlike competitive systems, Securalert’s unique dual-technology design pinpoints the location of these events with room level accuracy. The system does not use the facility’s WIFI network assuring fast and reliable alarm notification. Installation is quick, easy and cost-efficient due to utilizing wireless battery powered components. No cabling required!

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