The BEST Apple Watch Alternatives

The BEST Apple Watch Alternatives

Those interested, you can find the watches featured here:
– Apple Watch Series 5:
– Honor Magic Watch 2:
– Skagen Falster 3:
– Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2:

And for kicks and giggles
– Apple Watch Series 4:

I’ve said repeatedly: The Apple Watch has been my smartwatch of choice since Series 3. The first two generations were a mess of too many software promises for hardware that couldn’t deliver. And the latest ones may not be perfect, but they get a lot of things right.

Their main problem is that none are cheap, the entry-level models don’t age well given the materials, and well, they only work with an iPhone. Cupertino is clearly playing its cards to lock you in, as I doubt people update their watch as quick as they do their phone.

So what if wanted to buy a good alternative that won’t lock you in, and still deliver the key essentials that make an Apple Watch special, or even make it look bad once you place them head to head. I’m Jaime Rivera with Pocketnow, and these are our top pics for best Apple Watch alternatives.

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